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The sound produced by the life of Colorado自然の変化の速さを感じるコロラドの生活が生み出した音

Updated: Jun 26, 2022



そんなイメージがこの曲を生み出させました。ビデオリンク ↓

The weather in Colorado is very unique. In winter, even if it snows, it melts quickly, and because of the high altitude of Denver, there are many days when the sun is strong and you don't have to wear a jacket during the day. In addition, it is customary for heavy snowfall to come for two days when the cherry blossoms in spring bloom and when the temperature has risen sharply after Mother's Day. There is a say here that flowers and vegetables have to be planted in the garden after Mother's Day. Due to global warming these days, even a few weeks after Mother's Day, the usual heavy snowfall in spring may come, and this year was no exception. The news advised that all the plants planted should be covered with a cloth to prevent sub-zero damage. This year too, the temperature difference between before the snow and on a snowy day was more than 40 F .

This song is an improvisational performance that I played while watching the snow that started to come out little by little on the day when it was very sunny in the morning and the weather was nice, but there was a warning that it would snow a lot from afternoon to tomorrow. .. The snow, which can be heavy snow, piles up the walls, roofs and trees in white as you look at it, and it just started falling. Perhaps I couldn't get out of my mind and felt like I was confused by the falling snow, or I felt like I was caught up in a maze of repeated sounds. 

Such an image made this song come about.


次は雪の後の明るい光を感じての演奏 Bright lights after snow

今年の母の日を過ぎた後の大雪の時の演奏はMusicセクション'Spring Snow'' でお聞きください。

It is a performance at the time of heavy snow after Mother's Day of this year.

Go to Music section ''Spring Snow''

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