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About Me.

Piano is a part of my life.

Born in Japan. I've been playing piano since I was 5 years old. After finishing piano major, I taught many students all my life in Japan until I moved to U.S.  I started teaching in U.S., but my passion of teaching changed to enjoy playing myself more than ever. Then I happened to improvise one day and that caught my heart. My sound is very related with classic pieces that I played before. I played most of composers’works as a piano teacher. Now I love to improvise contemporary romantic kind of sounds. I really like Satie's sleek and illusion-like sounds. Debussy's Asian influenced fantasy sounds. Prokofiev and Scriabin’s  unpredictable sounds. When I start improvising, I sometimes imagine some story I create in my head and play the music with in. I have no idea what kind of sounds will come out of me. 

Sometimes sad news or my situation brings pretty emotional sounds. Someday my sounds are so uplifted even I am not aware of my state of mind.  All the unexpected notes lead me to new world of my music. I like to share my own music world. The blog also includes the background of the songs, piano talk ,video performances, and my novel . Hope you enjoy my site. 


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