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Sound of Japan 日本のサウンド

Updated: May 8, 2023


The sound that was improvised on that day produced the sound of Japan for some reason. I never thought that Japanese sounds would pop out of me, but the first chord I played led to the Japanese sound. The more I played, the more Japanese scenery came to my mind, and I made this song.


A friend told me that the sound of my piano reminded him of a koto. It's true that I myself admired the koto and had always wanted to learn it, so maybe that feeling of admiration came out.

Also, my aunt was a Japanese dance teacher, and I learned Japanese dance when I was a child.

And above all, I was born and raised in Japan, so I think listening to songs made in the constantly flowing Japanese scale has had a big impact on me.

It is said that perfect fifth chord parallelism, which is considered taboo in Debussy's classical compositions, is influenced by Japanese melody, but to me, the melody resonates with a soothing sound. It's probably because it's a Japanese sound.





Beauty of Japan 日本の美 It is a song that I played while thinking about the nature of Japan. 日本を思いながら弾いた曲です。Check out on over 100 non-stop listening. 

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