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  • Yuko hagos

Novel ''Pictures drawn by a girl''

Updated: May 19, 2023


Lilac stretched and got up from the bed. The morning sun casts a pleasant light on the room. She put on her waffle cotton robe and went to the kitchen. She prepares coffee and looks out the window. She saw people gathering on the sidewalk on the other side of the river, which she could see from the veranda of her apartment. Usually, you can only see people jogging or taking a walk, but it's rare to see a crowd of people. Lilac wondered if there were about 20 people, if it was a meeting, or if it was a street performance. A few people have left, so she can see what's going on inside. She sees canvases lined up with a little girl. Sitting next to her is a woman whose seems to be her mother that hair is naturally tided up. A woman grabbed the canvas and left with the man she was with. She can't see what kind of painting they are from here, but she wonders if they are paintings that can be sold, and another woman picked up a different work and left the place. People passing by take a new look, stop, and look at the work with great interest. Other young men and women were also seen buying the work and leaving. One by one, people who stop and look at it bring back the canvases. Lilac was very curious about the kind of girl who draws pictures that sell so quickly in the morning. She wondered if the walkers were bringing money to go for walks, and she thought that the girl might be giving paintings to people for free. She was interested, but she didn't want to change her pajamas and go to the other side of the river. She returned to the living room, turned on the TV, sipped coffee, poured hot water into a bowl of oatmeal, covered it with a plate, and returned to the veranda. Now she could only see the usual people coming and going. The crowd was gone.

After breakfast, she got dressed and headed to work. Lilac works at the front desk of a hotel. She works from 9am to 6pm today. The hotel is one of the oldest in town and has a long history, so guests come from all over the world. It may be a lucky part that you can meet the celebrities because of the location. Not all celebrities are friendly, and unlike what you see in movies and TV, there are many people who are unexpectedly unfriendly. The 9 o'clock shift is very busy with check-outs, phone calls and online reservations. Lunch time is 1:00. It was lunch time, and she got a sandwich and Perrier at the daily/supermarket next to the entrance. At the supermarket, you can get freshly baked bread, made-to-order sandwiches, tacos, and more, so you decide to have lunch there. We sat down on the brick of the riverbank sidewalk with park flower bed across the road in front of the hotel and ate lunch. By the time she had finished her sandwich, She saw the girl who was selling the painting she had seen in the morning and her mother coming towards her. At the age of about five, the girl walks restlessly, moving left and right, and has a peculiar way of walking. Her mother doesn't seem to mind it at all, and she seems to be carrying a big bag and walking while thinking about something. A girl walked sideways in front of Lilac, she stopped and looked at Lilac, then quickly walked sideways to the other side of her. After that, her mother looked at Lilac for a moment, but she seemed not to be looking at Lilac, again turned her gaze back and passed by. A moment later, she saw something like a scrap of paper fall from the mother. Without noticing it, the mother continued walking. Lilac quickly stood up, picked up a piece of paper, and hello, you dropped this, she said. The mother just keeps walking without noticing. Lilac said hello again. The girl turned and pointed her finger at Lilac to her mother. When her mother turned around and said Lilac had dropped it, she said thanyou. Lilac found out that the mother was deaf. Lilac opened her mouth to say hello and the mother said Thanyou again. Lilac turns to the girl and asks, are you a painter? She didn't even ask why Lilac knew, she just nodded. Her mother knew what she was saying by the movement of Lilac's mouth. Her mother pulled down the bag that was as tall as she was that she had hung over her long shoulders, and took out two pictures. She showed it to Lilac. Lilac was stunned by how beautiful it was. She thought ‘I don't know what to say, but it was an abstract painting that reminded me of a coastal town near the sea that I wanted to visit. The other was a fantastic abstract painting with many small square objects in orange. Both were great.’ Lilac stared at the painting for a while. And she loved it, she said. how much ? she asked. The mother picked one and made a gesture to give it to you. Lilac said oh no and said she would buy it. The mother took turns picking up both of them and making a gesture asking if this one was okay. Lilac is OK, I want both, so I will buy both, so please tell me the price. Lilac took out her wallet, took out all the cash, and handed out $50 for the amount she had right now. The mother shook her hand no no, she said too much, but Lilac shoved $50. Her mother repeatedly tried to give it back to Lilac, but Lilac was adamant that she wanted her to take it. Mother accepts. The girl also brightly said thank you in a high-pitched voice. Mother said Thanyou again, bowed her head and left. The girl also said thank you with a bright smile and both of them left.

Back at the hotel, her colleague asked ‘ did you buy the painting?’ She peeked in with interest. She said '' I feel like the pictures are telling me something. Both are wonderful paintings with an indescribable energy. '' Lilac thought so.


As soon as Lilac got home, she hung the pictures in living room and bedroom. She has an image of the sea in her living room and a painting of oranges in her bedroom. The atmosphere of the entire room has completely changed, creating an indescribably bright vibe. Lilac always envisions and draws a city in her head that she wants to live in someday, but one picture was a work that depicts the place Lilac envisioned. It's a coincidence," Lilac said to herself.

That night, she poured a glass of red wine, put her favorite cheese and crackers on a plate, sat on the sofa, and looked up at the painting. She thought the painting side thank you to her. She replied that she thanks for coming. Without feeling anything strange in that conversation. For some reason, it feels like a company has come to the house. Before she went to bed at night, she looked at the painting in her bedroom. She felt like she was wrapped with the warmth of comfort. Thank you for coming, she said to the painting. It was as if the painting was spreading out its hand and saying, "You're welcome." She went to bed saying that she could sleep deeply. That night, she slept very deep without dreaming. She woke up in the morning feeling very refreshed. The air in the room felt very fresh and bright for some reason.

A few days passed, and her was late for work that day. It is a shift from night to midnight. Lilac honestly doesn't like this shift, but everyone has to do the morning, middle, and late shifts. The middle shift starts from 1:00 to 8:00 and the late shift starts at either 7:00 or 10:00 at night. At 10 o'clock, almost no female staff come. Work started at 7pm. Guests going to dinner dress up and pass by the front desk. Among them, there are various customers such as those who go out to the town and those who go to the restaurant in the hotel. The town at night also has a romantic beauty that is different from the daytime with electricity. As the night deepened and after 9 o'clock, quite drunk guests returned to the hotel. Some customers shout out loud without being able to judge for themselves, and some customers lose themselves to the point that they can't be seen. Lilac likes to see bars with counters both indoors and in the courtyard with a poolside view from the front. She's at work so she can't relax and spend time at the bar like a guest, but she imagines she'd enjoy her time at the bar if she were a guest at this hotel. Most people go to bars alone. She wondered if the person came to this town for business, or if he was a writer staying in this town to write a new work. It's fun to imagine whether it's possible.

That night, Lilac saw a man drinking whiskey alone in a bar. He used to come to this bar often. You can see that the man is older than Lilac. Every time he came over, he had a glass in his hand and seemed to be thinking deeply about something as he swirled the ice cubes. When the bartender tries to start a conversation by saying something, he nods but does not continue the conversation with the bartender. After spending an hour alone at the bar as usual, he walked out the front door of the hotel. Lilac knew he wasn't a guest here. When he doesn't go back to his room and always comes, he walks out of the hotel. The night went off without a hitch, as usual. Sometimes there are customers who need emergency response, if it is night like so and it is not easy to deal with it.

Her shift was over and she was on my way home in the middle of the night. She returned to her apartment and immediately went to bed. After the night shift, she always have two days off in a row, so it's normal to spend the first day doing nothing to rest tired body from the night shift. She woke up at eleven o'clock in the morning. She had a late breakfast and sat on the veranda and drank tea. She thought of that girl and her mother. Where do they live? She thought they must live near here. She looked at the painting in the living room. The entire painting is gentle and colorful, with objects reminiscent of a cobalt blue and white town attracting the eye, and the painting as a whole exudes a warm harmony. There is no calculation in it, yet it makes her think that it is a finished picture that should have happened. Children's paintings have such a perfection that it's like they were painted rather than just painted.

She went to the bedroom and looked at the painting that was hanging there. This is an abstract painting with an orange base and simple and gentle colors with many square objects, but when you look at it, you can feel the sandiness. When she looks at it, she feels an indescribable sense of familiarity. She can't believe that both works were drawn by such a small innocent girl. She was always interested in where and how long it took to draw. She hopes she would meet them again.


She went to the supermarket in the afternoon. She’s thinking of cooking a simple salad with chicken or fish for dinner. She got freshly baked bread from the bakery, got some vegetables and chicken breast from the supermarket, bought some extra milk and other necessities, and left the store. She also saw the girl and her mother walking along the pavement far ahead. She wanted to run and say hello, but it would be difficult to run quickly with the items she had bought, and she thought that if she didn't speak out loud enough, the girl wouldn't hear her, so she headed home. Both are walking in the same direction. After walking a few blocks, the two entered the building. She wondered if they lived there, but she had to turn the corner in front of the building they entered, so she continued walking to home. She was kind of happy that she found the house they lived in. Although we weren't friends, she felt connected as the author of the girl's picture.

As soon as she got home, opened the door and went inside, her phone rang. It was Leon, who is now in Africa with the United Nations. Lilac jumps up and responds quickly, Leon! replied. Leon says hey baby! He said with his usual bright voice. ‘’I have just returned from shopping. Great timing! '' '' Oh, how are you? I have to report you that my activities in Niger are over, so I'm going home~! '' ‘’Yay! ! Finally! '' shouted Lilac and jumped. The long-awaited day is coming. ''When is it? '' '' I'll be back in two weeks,'' said Leon. Lilac is very excited, and today's dinner is a new bottle of wine and a toast! She felt as if her life had turned rosy in an instant. This is always repeated, but Lilac is always looking forward to Leon's return. She is always lonely alone, but she rarely have friends other than a specific best friend. More than that, she appreciates Leon's bravery and generosity in going out of his way to help victims of internal conflicts who need help, and those living in life-or-death situations where supplies are scarce. There are some friends who say without hesitation why she didn't choose someone who is rich and has a stable job. She stopped making time to meet with those friends. Sometimes she goes out to social gatherings, but it's rare. There are few things that she thinks are fun because she went there, and stories about how they got something trendy, and gossip so on. She can’t participate in conversations at all. Rather than that, it's much more meaningful to spend time with friends you get along with, so the number of friends you meet will naturally be limited.

Lilac made herb chicken, prepared a colorful salad, and toasted Leon's long-distance home with French bread and wine! She felt like the paintings on the wall were also making a toast with them!


Leon is back. Lilac feels an unearthly pleasure with him. Leon also loves Lilac's unpretentious, laid-back attitude to life at its own pace. Leon immediately noticed the painting in the room. Who did draw this picture? asked Lilac. Lilac explained how she got the painting. Leon can't believe it, but from this painting, I could clearly see the streets of Niamey, Niger. he said. What ? Lilac said. She didn't understand what he was saying. Leon could clearly see the situation in Niamey, where he was based on his job . he said. But he seemed to be satisfied with the fact that he probably had the scene of his activities in Niger burned into his head, so it must have intersected with the memory in my head. Lilac is a work that reminds me of the scenery of a sea town that I envision, but is it an African town? She felt strange, but she didn't think too much about it, and after that, they toasted with wine and a safe return and a reunion, and Lilac added to that, safety in the future, happiness for the two of us, and toasts. Leon nodded deeply and made a toast! To congratulate them on their reunion, Lilac shows her skill and serves Leon's favorite dish. The two didn't stop talking. Leon said that the situation in Niger is bad, one of the poorest countries in Africa, and that the United Nations is committed to humanitarian education. From the direction, he explained that he is working on society and focusing on improving the country. Lilac always prays for Leon's safety . Working in a troubled country is fraught with danger, along with fears for families with family members serving overseas military service. Leon spoke non-stop about his activities. Lilac also enjoys listening to Leon's story above all, and it leads to a sense of security.

Leon went to the kitchen to pick up some pepper, then came back to the living room where they were relaxing and turned their attention to the painting again. Hmm, Lilac, who drew this picture? I don't think this picture is an ordinary picture. It must have some deep meaning. This picture makes me feel like it can read people's feelings. Lilac saw Leon's face and she honestly felt the same way. Leon doesn't mean weird. In a good way, the picture can heal people's feelings, have a conversation, or, frankly speaking, read my deep psyche. Lilac told Leon, when I saw the picture for the first time I thought it was very similar to the image of a city by the sea that I would like to live in someday. And I feel like I'm talking to the picture as if it were a close friend. She said. Leon asked. who drew this picture? Lilac said she is a little girl. She was giving paintings to people on the river sidewalk over there with her deaf mother. She said they might have sold it, but it was early in the morning so they probably gave it away. Later, at lunch time, on the sidewalk in front of the hotel they walked past me again and mom dropped a scrap of paper, so I picked it up and told her about it, and she tried to give me a picture as a thank you. I didn’t want free to get one, so I decided to buy two so that they would take money. Leon wants to see another painting, so they went to the bedroom. Leon, with his mouth wide open and looking surprised, this is Niamey! he said. Are you serious? she exclaimed. Leon said, this girl, can predict and draw the life of the buyer of the painting, even if she doesn't realize it. When she was drawing this picture, she can only think that she drew it because she could see me through you, or maybe she drew it because she knew that she would meet the two of us. When I saw the painting in the living room, I saw this painting through the painting. he shouted. Leon said that when the girl was painting, she knew the painting was coming to us. Lilac was stunned and unable to say anything.

They go back to the living room and Lilac says she can't believe this is possible. When Leon goes to the vast plains of Africa, men send signals to their families in their heads from faraway lands where they can't communicate at all. I'll be home now, in about an hour. His wife takes that signal for granted. It may sound strange, but when you meet a human who lives in nature, you realize that humans have a sixth sense. Information is all over the place now, and the internet, media, and so much information are overflowing, so I think our senses are degenerating. It's not the case that this girl has that sense, but without realizing it, when she's painting, the picture is going to the person who will be the owner of the picture. He said he felt it and thought she had a talent for painting without even realizing it.

Lilac said if we happened to see them where they live, it would be great. He wants to visit and talk, he said. He said he didn't want to visit them, but it would be nice if he could meet them by chance.

The two of them couldn't believe that something like this could happen, but if humans really had such feelings, it might have been commonplace in the past, so it didn't seem strange at all. More than that, the two agreed that the existence of a girl with such a pure sense was wonderful.


Leon's next activity is in a month. They have a month to spare, so they are busy making plans. However, Leon doesn't want Lilac to take time off from her job to make time for himself. It was usual to enjoy his time together in Lilac's usual daily life.

A few days later, Lilac and Leon head towards the building where the girl who painted and her mother are living. I wish we could meet them by chance. There was an art shop on the first floor of the building. It used to be an interior designer's office. Lilac has lived in this town for a long time, but she doesn't remember when the art shop opened. She passed by many times, but she didn't notice.

The two of them entered the art shop. They expected there to be pictures of girls, but there weren't any. There was nothing like it, just the usual posters and a lot of stylish works. They looked around, and both felt that there was no work that would make them think that it was special. The store clerk smiled and told us that if there was anything that we particularly liked, we could order it. Do you know the colorful pictures that the girl draws? Lilac asked the clerk. She said that we don't have any children's paintings in our shop. Is upstairs an apartment? she asked. The clerk replied yes, and Lilac asked if the girl and her mother lived there. The clerk said yes, Mia and her mom, Milly. Asked if the clerk knew Mia could paint. The store clerk doesn't seem to know anything about it. ‘’Can she?’’

She's an innocent and cute girl. she said. Neither Leon nor Lilac hesitated to mention the work of a girl named Mia, she said thank you and left the store.

Leaving outside, Lilac casually looked up of the building. A girl named Mia was watching Lilac from the second-floor window. Mia waved her hand as Lilac waved her hand. Mia turned her back and gestured with her hand. She is saying something to her mother. Her mother, Milly, also came to the window and waved to Lilac, then mother beckoned Lilac. Then she gestured with her hand to come up the stairs. Lilac asked Leon what to do. We were both puzzled as to whether it was okay for us to visit someone's house so suddenly. Milly beckoned for more to come. Lilac hesitantly shook her head. Mia cried out ‘’come up!’’ The two of them then agreed with each other for a moment and headed up the stairs to their room.

Milly opened the door and was waiting for us. Mia is also happy and busy moving next to mother, and she can't hide her excitement. The two shook hands with Milly and entered the room. It was a bright room that spread out as soon as you entered. A simple sofa is placed in front of the window, and Mia seems to be looking outside from there. After she walks in the front door, she can only see the sofa. Milly made the gesture of asking you to sit down. Would you like a drink? said Milly with her hand, and they both said no thank you. As soon as the two of them sat down on the sofa, they found pictures drawn by Mia lined up on the floor at the far left of the door, which they couldn't see from the entrance. Amazing. At a glance, you can see the state of all seven paintings, but They felt that seven paintings as if seven people started talking to them. Lilac thought she heard voices. They felt like they could hear various conversations. A buzzing voice reached Leon and Lilac's ears. Leon felt he could see a different place in each painting. There were things like markets, parks, things that reminded him of Paris.

Leon felt a strong interest in the picture in the middle. As soon as he saw the sight of the remote village in Uganda where Leon had worked, he immediately thought. A girl ran up to the side of the painting, she looked at their faces and tilted her head with a smile. Mia's facial expressions and demeanor don't seem to be intentional, she just stands there and she's a child's natural behavior. Mia points to a picture of her then started talking slowly. ‘’There is …the… place… lots of people …live. There is… no… water…..children …go to the river to get water…… When they walk….. you can draw patterns… with feet on the sand . You can draw forever….. But when you go back home with water, it's heavy. The older lady…. is always watching when you walk here. She sits down and she said hi like this with her cane….Mia makes a gesture to lift the cane.

Leon stared at the painting with sharp eyes. In his heart, this child, through me, whom she had never met, might have seen my life when she draw this picture the time she painted without knowing Leon. He couldn't say a word to Mia. In Leon's mind came the image of when he and the children in the village had gone to fetch water. Mia did see what he'd done, did she see him in this far away place, she'd never met Leon or anybody, but he knew she'd seen him, then she drew this picture. He was confused.

But if she happened to see that village on the news or in a documentary, she is a child, so I'm sure that image would have remained strong. Anyway, he was thinking about the woman who greeted us with a cane. Leon asked Mia if she saw it on TV. She said she doesn't have a TV. Her mother, Milly said , she hasn't watched TV in years. We have a radio, she said. Leon wondered if she had heard it on the radio, but it looked exactly like where I worked. Leon said to Milly. Leon said that it was strange that she could see my actions, even though she had never met me. Even if she had heard about the situation in Uganda on the radio, he was the only one who knew that whenever he went to fetch water with the children, there was always a woman sitting there with a cane to greet him on the way home. In his heart, he was astonished. Does Mia see it or is it a coincidence? Leon was puzzled.

Mia said she would give the picture to him. Leon said, for real? he was surprised. Mia said she would give it to him, but he told Milly that he couldn't get it for free, so please sell it to me. He would have to pay for the materials as well. But Milly said Mia likes to draw, so she said please take it. She repeatedly said she didn't want any money, but Leon begged and gave her $50. I want you to pay for the material costs.

Mia pulled out another painting from behind. Lilac yelled. It is a scene of the house where her mother's parents lived, which she used to go to when she was a child. To the left was the coop where the chickens were kept, and the house was a large thatched roof, with gates on either side, and it was a large house. You can see an animal like a cow right next to the left gate. When I was a kid, all my cousins would get together and play until nightfall. I can see an image of many children running around in the garden. Lilac was in tears. Mia, this picture reminds me of when I was Mia’s age, she said. The day Milly had her piece of notes dropped and Lilac picked up for her , she came home and Mia drew it. Lilac said to Milly that she could see my past memories just by meeting me. Lilac wipes away her tears and says what a talent she really has. She turned to Leon and said. Leon nodded deeply.

Milly narrowed her eyes and started talking. Milly told Mia to go to the kitchen to bring Perrier and the cookies she baked yesterday and Mia ran to the kitchen. She said that Mia can not only read people's minds, but she can also predict what will happen in the future. Mia grew up without a father and never met him, but Mia knew who her father was. Mia's father started a family with someone else after I gave a birth to Mia without him knowing it. I also left him without telling him that I was pregnant with Mia. I didn't even tell him that she was born, so when I happened to meet her father in town later, Mia called him daddy, she'd never met before and jumped at him. He was very angry with me because he left without him knowing he had a daughter.

Mia brought them drinks and cookies. Milly also asked Mia to run errands for her. She probably didn't want Mia to hear it. Mia ran into another room. Long before Mia met her father, she drew a picture on a white piece of paper of what appeared to be. There are two adults and a child in front of a flower shop. . Looking at the painting later, she clearly thought that when Mia first met her father, she had foreseen it. After that, she saw several paintings of what was about to happen. After that, I was convinced that the pictures she drew would be received by the people we meet in the future, it is still happening that all the paintings go to the person who should go, even if I choose. I don't know what power works to make this happen, but Mia looks happy and she's always drawing. It seems that she knows where she is going and giving her a painting is an opportunity to hand it over to the new owner that the painting tells.

Lilac said being a single mother would be hard. Milly said she has help from Mia’s father. She has refused many times, but he wants to continue helping us and has sent us enough money to support us. I am so grateful. she said. For some reason, both Leon and Lilac felt relieved. He said that he really cares about Milly and Mia even now. She told him that she didn't want him to ruin his life right now, but his wife seemed to really understand and I really thank her. In fact, we've been invited many times for Christmas and other occasions. It still comes. I will not visit them, but I am ashamed of myself for shrinking when I became pregnant. With such a wonderful wife who really understands him. Mia's father is a wonderful man, and the woman he chose has a wonderful heart. We are so fortunate to be supported by them.

Felt like Leon and Lilac were somehow cleansed. What beautiful people.

Leon and Lilac are on their way home with Mia's new works. Mia gave Lilac the painting of childhood memory. It felt like the world had changed. They went home and put the paintings on the floor. Looking at the pictures, they told each other how pure-hearted they were. The conversation between the two did not end there.


A few days later, it was Lilac's late shift again. There were no big events that weekend, so there weren't many visitors. It was a quiet and calm night. The man she had seen before was at the bar again. He's quietly alone drinking some kind of bourbon. Even the bartender didn't speak to him tonight, probably understanding that he didn't speak.

It was good to say that there will be very little work at the front desk tonight. As it was the end of the month, there were very few guests. Leon came to the hotel. He was strolling around and he said he came because he just wanted to see her face. Lilac was happy to see Leon's face, but she said it would be nice if she could have some time, but she wouldn't take a break until after 10:00. He said no worry he just stopped by . He said ‘’ I will have a glass of wine at the bar over there and then go home.’’ Leon went to the bar and sat in the right corner. After he ordered from the bartender, he was having a conversation with the bartender. The bartender seemed happy because he had a customer to talk to him.

Online reservations come in one after another at the front desk. There is also a phone reservation. There are many reservations from overseas even at night. Due to the time difference, there are calls in the middle of the night. The phone rang and Lilac was taking reservations for guests coming next month. Not a busy night, but reservations keep coming in, so there's plenty to do. As she works, she unconsciously looks at Leon. She noticed and saw that Leon was talking to that man. It seems that the man also came to this bar like Leon. He left the hotel after he drank the last time, so he probably lives in this town. It's quieter than any other bar, so it's probably a good place to drink alone. Leon and the man have been talking ever since. Lilac is surprising, I thought he didn't want to have a conversation with the bartender. After an hour or so, Leon said something to the man and came to the front desk. I'm going home now, take it easy. He said and left. It's natural to kiss each other, but they refrained from doing it because it was a workplace.

After Leon left, the man also left the hotel. She could see his face from the front, and he looked very familiar. She wonders if she met him somewhere. She thought.

Lilac came home in the middle of the night and went straight to the bed without taking a shower. Leon wakes up too, but he says welcome home, kisses her gently, rubs her shoulder, and tells her to go to sleep. Lilac soon fell into a deep sleep.

Lilac slept soundly until around 11:00 in the morning. Leon wasn't there when she got up. He made a late coffee and sipped her coffee from the veranda looking across the sidewalk. She expected Mia and Milly to be there, but they weren't. Even so, she couldn't help but wonder that there is a picture here that she drew in anticipation of Mia's meeting with me and Leon.

She can honestly say that we both are intrigued and amazed by Mia's talent. She wonders if Mia can see what Lilac is doing now. She knows what I am thinking? she imagines.

She glanced at the painting she had brought home of her parents' house. She didn't realize it at the time, but there are people in the house too. Her parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, there are a lot of people in the blur. She probably didn't notice because she was only looking at the children and the whole picture at the time. Does that mean Mia can see the number of adults? I'm the only one who knows what this painting is about. Through Mia, who drew this picture after meeting me, she must have been able to see a strong childhood memory within me. Looking at the paintings again, she returned to herself when she was little.

Leon is back. He said he was out because Lilac had slept very well. He bought Lilac sandwiches and salads.

What were you talking about at the bar yesterday? Lilac asked Leon while she was eating sandwiches for lunch. Leon said it was an unimportant story. We also talked about painting. The bartender was business-like and asked if there was such a thing. But the man Lilac has been seen and did not talk much with a bartender, he had the impression that he was a bit of a deep thinker. Lilac said that just by looking at him from the counter, she could sense that he was thinking deeply about something.

He listened as if he believed me deeply. When Leon told Mia who was a painter, he was interested and listened to me with a little smile. he said.

Milly doesn't know the contents of each of Mia's paintings at all, but Mia paints in order for her paintings to go to its owners. She imagines a lot of things. Mia is painting again. While she hums, she moves her body and draws as if she is playing and scribbling. That's how Mia always paints. It's a picture that looks like three people silhouetted against a colorful background, with a streak-like white road emerging from it. Milly had no idea who this painting would end up in someone else's hands.


A week has passed since then. Leon will be back at work in about two weeks. I always think that the two of us will have a happy time in no time. Leon was also slowly preparing for his new place of work. Today is Lilac's late work day again. Leon went to the hotel bar a few times when Lilac worked late , but today he has a Zoom meeting with staff at his new place of work, so he said he has to stay home. It was mid-week and the hotel was starting to get pretty crowded. There will be a big conference over the weekend, so many guests will gradually come to the town, and the hotel will be almost full. The man came to the bar after a long time. There were other customers and the counter was almost full.

Reluctantly, he turned around and made Lilac imagine that he was probably waiting for Leon. She also has a little chat with the bartender. He used to avoid talking to the bartender for the most part, or he seemed uninterested, but today I see him talking. The bartender should know that Leon and Lilac know each other. Every time Leon comes here, he comes to greet Lilac, so even if Leon doesn't say anything about the relationship between the two, it's natural to have an idea. A little while later Leon came. He said he came here because the zooming meeting was postponed and he couldn't eat yet. He went to the bar, exchanged a laughing hello with the man, looked over the menu, and ordered something from the bartender. The counter was full, so the two left the bar and moved to a sofa in the nearby lobby. On that day as well, Leon had a conversation with the man at the bar for about an hour and a half before leaving. After Leon leaves, she always finds work to be long.

After Leon left, the man got up and walked over to Lilac. He said suddenly to Lilac he is a very nice person. Lilac reluctantly said yes. He was a very kind and smiling man. He said he hopes you can join the conversation next time. ‘’ I can't sit at the bar when I'm at work, ‘’ The man said ‘’ So I'm thinking of somewhere for the three of us to meet.’’ Lilac was a little surprised, but she said she would ask Leon when she got home.

The next day, she got up around noon and told Leon what the man at the bar had said. Leon said he knew me and you. Lilac raised his eyebrows and said, "Everyone knows it. What will you do? ‘’ ” I don't mind.” Leon said . ‘’He seems like a very nice person. He is very knowledgeable about overseas information, and I don't think it would be harmful to meet him, so’’ he said he didn't mind. Lilac also she didn’t mind. ‘’Then, next time he comes, I will tell him so,’’ said Lilac.

A few days later, when she was on the late shift, she told the man at the bar. Since Leon's work would just start soon, she asked if we could meet at a restaurant near the hotel tomorrow night.

The restaurant was a multi-cuisine ethnic restaurant. It's a place with a casual atmosphere, and the interior is colorful and tasteful, making you imagine any country in the world. The man arrived shortly after the two and shook hands and exchanged greetings.

It seems that men often come to this restaurant, and the waiter guided the three of them to their usual seats.

It wasn't a window seat, but a calm middle wall seat.

Thank you for joining us today. He thanked us first.’’ I'm Paul.’’ He said. He works for an environmental company. Leon and Lilac briefly introduced themselves, looked at the menu and ordered.

Paul tells Lilac about the hotel and he says he likes it because it's very quiet. I thought in my head how long it would be there but he said maybe 7 or 8 years. She surprised he has been coming very long. Lilac certainly started working this hotel two years ago, so she didn't think he has been a regular guest until then. Leon started off with a casual conversation asking if he was ready for his next move.

Both Leon and Lilac thought in their hearts that Paul, whom they had just met, had some intention of inviting them to dinner. Is some kind of solicitation? She thought in her head.

The wine and appetizers arrived, and Paul gave a toast to the three of us and our newfound friendship. Leon and Lilac made a toast just as Paul said.

Paul actually said ‘’I wanted to ask you something. ‘’Asked Leon , ‘’ The girl who draws you were talking about.’’ Both Leon and Lilac were surprised. They thought he would talk about work. Paul asked, ‘’is the child about five years old? ‘’ Both said yes. Paul asked if they had a family. Leon replied that she had a deaf mother.

‘’Does the child have a father?’’ Paul asked. ‘’Why would you ask such a question? ’’Leon looked confused. Lilac asked , ‘’do you know them , Mr. Paul? ‘’

Actually, if I tell both of you I have just met, it will be unusual. But I have a daughter. Her mother is deaf. he said.

Leon and Lilac, you are Mia's father! At the same time, they spoke a little louder.

Paul asked if her name was Mia. Leon said, ‘’ you don't even know your daughter's name? Are you not in touch with Milly? He was surprised.

Paul says it is Milly's intention. To tell the truth, I was upset when Milly suddenly broke up with me before her daughter was born. Milly just said sorry, and I was really shocked, but I loved her dearly, so I wished her happiness , saying that it would be a big deal for her to say goodbye from herself. I gave up on her. At that time, I had no idea that Milly was pregnant with my child. I thought we loved each other from the bottom of our heart, so the shock was immeasurable. In my own way, I tried to forget about Milly as a thing of the past, and I came to think that somewhere in my heart, she was living a happier life than she was with me. Then I met my wife and married. She is a very kind woman too. Although we weren't blessed with children, I believed that we trusted each other and met a very good partner.

Actually, 3 years ago, I happened to pass Milly with a little girl in front of a flower shop. It was such a sudden reunion that I didn't know what to say, so I stood there dumbfounded. The girl called me Duddy. Milly got mad at her girl and said what was she talking about. I knew the girl was my daughter. I got mad why Milly didn’t tell me about it. She didn’t say anything at that time. Later, with the help of her friends, I sought out Milly's contact information and I called her, offering to help her if I was her father. To be honest, no matter how you look at them, their outfits don't look healthy, and I thought they were in poverty. Milly told me how she left me. She withdrew from herself because she thought she would get a lot of opposition from my family because she was deaf. As for the help, she told me my wife couldn't accept it, but after getting my wife's consent, I convinced Milly and she accepted it. I only met my daughter once in front of the flower shop, and Milly wouldn't let me see my daughter . I think she probably considered my wife. My daughter's name is Mia. Like Milly. Milly must have shown Mia a picture of me and told her that I was her father.’’ Paul said.

Leon said ‘’ I don't think Milly ever showed Mia a picture of you. ‘’ Lilac said and lilac said she thinks so too. Paul said a little accusingly, "Then how did Mia find out about me?" Leon said, Mia have a sharp sensibility like a sixth sense that no one else has. He actually heard about the situation from Milly about you. It may be not comfortable for you to hear about them from me, Mr. Paul, but Mia can see people's lives, past and future.

She draw about the town where I was active, and the memories of Lilac's mother's home when she was a child, after meeting Lilac just once. I should speak to you before that. Before we met, Mia had foreseen that we would be the owners of Mia’s paintings. She knew that the painting would come to our house, so she drew the scenery of my African activity place in the painting. She also foresaw Lilac's future dream location and drew it. Mia met Lilac by chance on the street, and when Milly dropped a scrap of note, Lilac called out to her, and that was the trigger. Milly tried to give it to Lilac as a gift but Lilac bought another painting that Milly showed Lilac and gave Milly a small amount of money, but that other painting was the one that predicted me before they encountered Lilac.

Paul was astonished. This is what I mean when he can't keep his mouth shut and listens to Leon with his eyes wide open and his mouth open.

Milly also said that she really appreciates you. She didn't want to cause trouble for your family, so she really appreciate you sending her the money and your wife’s big sweet personality. I hope you will tell your wife what Milly feels.

Paul, in fact, my wife, one year ago, wanted to live apart from me and said divorce. It's not because she doesn’t like me, she said she wants to start her own new life, and we didn't have children. I said that if there was something wrong with me, I would fix it, but my wife didn't think that way. I chose to live by myself because I want to live without regrets. However, since she is a lawyer, I think she didn't want to be bound by marriage.

I am very sorry. It must have been hard for you, Leon said.

Paul really realized that ‘’ I'm a person who can't get a hold of a woman's heart. However, I think that my wife's decision was based on the existence of Milly and Mia. My wife has never complained about Milly and Mia, and always asked me to invite them when the opportunity arises. You can see that my wife who broke up is very fulfilling. Even without me, I think she will continue to leap forward and go higher and higher. Her talent is immeasurable.

I also love my wife from the bottom of my heart. And so is Milly. It was a shock to me when Milly chose to end our relationship and gave me the position because of her impairment without telling me her pregnancy. Why didn't I find out there? I regret it . I loved Milly with all my heart and still love her. If it is still possible, I would like to live with Milly and Mia. Paul sincerely confided to them.

Leon said , Shall we talk to Milly? Can you do that? Paul said. He said Milly might refuse. Lilac said Mia could possibly lead an opportunity. Both Leon and Paul listened to Lilac with skepticism about it.

For the time being, they exchanged phone numbers.


Leon and Lilac visited Milly the next day. Lilac thought to herself that maybe Mia knew why we were here. Mia was looking out of the window on the second floor as usual. I know she's telling Milly. Lilac bought cute animal-shaped cookies and cakes from a cake shop on the way and brought them. Mia was very happy and started arranging cookies such as bears, rabbits, elephants, and dogs while screaming.

Lilac made tea and brought it to them. Leon immediately started telling Milly that he actually had something to talk about today. Milly didn't expect it at all, she smiled and she said what is it?

I met Mr. Paul. he told Milly bluntly. Milly could read every movement of his mouth and her complexion immediately changed. How is he doing? asked Milly. Leon said he is fine, Milly smiled. She added ‘’ That’s good. where did you meet him? ‘’ asked Milly. Lilac said the hotel where I work, she replied. Leon told Milly what happened and that Paul wanted to live with Milly and Mia. Milly shook her head over and over and she said she couldn't think. She didn't know how to respond or what to do.

Inside Milly, various emotions intersect, such as feeling that it is too late, feeling sorry for his ex-wife, and worrying about the future.

Lilac said, Paul still love you dearly. Tears welled up in Milly's eyes. Why won't you meet Paul? "I think it's best to talk to each other," he said. Milly didn't reply for a while.

Mia brings Millie a giraffe-shaped cookie to give to Daddy. she said. Tears welled up in her Milly's eyes. Millie hugged Mia.

Milly has regrets in her heart. That she separated Mia and her father of her own volition. Mia has thus far grown up without her father. Lilac asked Milly to meet Paul for Mia. Milly nodded.

Two days later they decided to meet in a quiet little park near the hotel. At Milly's suggestion, she wants Lilac and Leon to come with them.

When the four go to the park, Paul is waiting by the fountain. When Paul sees Milly and Mia, he runs over and grabs Milly's hand. Paul and Millie's eyes filled with tears. It was indescribable.

Then Paul squatted down in front of Mia and grabbed her hand. Mia puts her hand into her skirt pocket and pulls out her giraffe cookie and said it’s for daddy. and passed to Paul. Paul cried aloud and hugged Mia tightly. He hugged Mia, stood up, and hugged Milly.

Milly also cried and hugged Paul. Mia reaches into her pocket again, pulls out her bunny cookie, and hands it to Milly. Neither Paul nor Milly exchanged a word. Even if they didn't put it into words, their hearts were conveyed naturally without words. Mia's innocent smile makes the reunion of the two feel like a natural flow, as if they were the same family as yesterday.

The three of them thanked Leon and Lilac and said thank you very much. Both Leon and Lilac were in tears. Mia also pulled out two bear and squirrel cookies from her opposite pocket and handed them to Leon and Lilac. They said thank you Mia and accepted it.

Paul, Milly and Mia say goodbye to Lilac and Leon and then head to Milly's apartment. Milly wanted Paul to see the talent in Mia, Paul's child. Mia brought a picture. There were four human silhouettes of adults and one child drawn on a bright green background, surrounded by giraffe, rabbit, bear, squirrel and bird-like silhouettes.

Mia takes a cookie out of her pocket and lays it out next to a picture of a bird.

When did she draw this picture? Paul asked. Milly think about six months ago. Even before Mia met Leon and Lilac, she expected this day to come and she was drawing this picture. In another painting, you can see the silhouettes of two adults and two children in the background of a large house. One of the two children was very small, silhouetted.

A year later, Mia's younger brother, Roney, was born.

Leon and Lilac married a year later. Leon's work is still volunteer work, but he has reduced the length of his activities and changed to short stays of about two weeks. Lilac quit her job at the hotel and took over the gallery on the first floor of the apartment where Milly and Mia lived. Some of Mia's works are on display in the windows of Lilac's new gallery. Her work, which Mia chose herself, is displayed inside.

The room on the second floor where Milly and Mia lived became Mia's studio because Paul still wanted to keep it. It's been a few years since then, and although she's grown a little, Mia's painting sensibility hasn't changed. Mia's paintings displayed in the gallery will not be displayed in the store for a long time. She displays her paintings, and soon after the paintings go to the customers who buy them. As a result, the picture display changes instantly. However, no one buys the paintings that hang on the innermost wall. Because Mia is a drawing of her family. On the wall are paintings from the day Leon met Paul for the first time at the hotel where Lilac works, the three of them dining together, the reunion of Paul, Milly and Mia in the park, and her brother Roney was born. Various pictures such as the state of the day are hung. And some paintings seem to anticipate the future.

Among them, there is a picture with a background that looks like a light blue sea, and a picture that looks like four adults and five children are playing. In the house on one side, you can see a number of paintings. It may be a picture of Lilac's dream of living in a seaside town. Joining them are Leon and Lilac, Paul and Milly, and Mia and Roney, along with three more children. No one knows at this point if Mia will have a younger sister or a younger brother, or if Leon and Lilac will have three children. Nobody knows if Mia knows that now or when she will. Even Paul and Milly don't ask Mia about the content of the painting. The day will surely come later when the picture will throw a message directly to us.

Mia is happily painting while humming again. To meet the owner of the painting, whom the painting has never met.

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