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  • Yuko hagos

Beautiful Colorado nature expanded the world of my music. コロラドの自然の美しさが私の音楽の世界を広げてくれました。

Updated: May 19, 2023

We are surrounded by nature everywhere here in Denver. I was born and grew up in Tokyo , Nature was far away from the town I was living. I really enjoyed the city life when I was young. I loved my hometown but only I missed smell of nature. I looked far away to imagine the place in nature when I was a kid. I dreamed going there to feel the nature. My marriage brought me to Colorado. I was so fortunate to change my life for good. You know life is sometimes unexpected event happens and force our life upside down. Things don't go right way, it is important to see different side to think positive, right?

My passion of teaching piano declined when I moved to U.S. I taught piano so long in Japan. I enjoy playing myself than ever now. I was brushing up my skill to play classical pieces so that I could enjoy playing more beautifully without any pressure. I am sure living U.S. changed my feeling for free way to express myself. The more I practiced , the more I was fascinated by lots of modern pieces from various composers I have never care of. Creating sound gave me some artistic discovery.

One Sunday I and my husband went to see fall trees in Rocky mountains. We do every year to see changing colors. It was two years ago. Pandemic stopped everything and gave us so many suffers ,struggles and sorrow. And strength. Seeing changing fall colors gave me some healing power during tough time. I came home and improvised piano music. Color of fall trees change dramatically and quickly here in Colorado.
I improvised this song after seeing fall trees in Rocky Mountain.
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ある日曜日、夫とロッキー山脈の紅葉を見に行きました。毎年紅葉を見に行くのが恒例となっています。 2年前、コロナが発生しあらゆる事を止め、私たちに多くの苦しみ、そして喪失を齎しました。その反面強さも。美しい紅葉の光景がこれまで以上に癒しのパワーを与えてくれました。家に帰って即興を始めました。



秋から冬への自然の変化 Over 100 non-stop listening よりお聞きになってみてください。

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