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If you are stuck in life, there are new opportunities.人生に行き詰まったなら、そこには新しいチャンスがあります。

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

My improvisation was also born from such a situation where I could not do anything with my own power.

If you are in a difficult situation right now, I believe that the path you are taking now will lead you to a new door in your life.

A childhood friend of mine had a very difficult life. I still remember the advice she gave me when I faced a life-changing moment when I couldn't see the future.

''do not worry. If you go slowly and calmly every day in your own way. Like if you sail slowly along the river, you will arrive at a quiet shore. ''

What we will find on that shore is entirely unknown in the current difficult circumstances. But the perseverance to get there brings something new that we never expected. If we do that, the current difficult situation will end someday, and we will be able to walk on a new path again, so we should do what we can do, one by one. Improve the situation step by step. In my opinion.

It will surely create a bigger and stronger self in the future.

You may have noticed that some of my improvisations have titles that are quite predictable, don't you think? Searching a loophole, or long way home, or destination and so on.

Life is waiting for some event every week. I don't know if it's a fun thing or an event that suddenly stops your daily routine. But the repetition is life.

When I was young, when I faced a difficult situation where I didn't know what the future would hold, I was encouraged by many people around me. Those people overcame a painful past that was far more brutal than mine, everyone smiled at that time and said, "You will be fine. It will definitely become the past someday." They advised me not to worry and move on.

When I was in the worst situation and couldn't sleep at all for a week, the thing that saved me more than anyone else in the world was when I was sitting in a crowded hospital waiting room waiting for my turn. It was a intellectual disability woman who was my age suddenly came in front of me and shuffled towards me in a loud voice asking me to help you. No one in public noticed my situation, but only she saw me and understood my deepest pain. Her father, who was accompanying her at the time, said, ''I'm sorry. Please excuse my daughter's rudeness,'' he apologized to me by bowing his head and trying to pull her away. She is in pain, this person needs help. '' she cried out again. I stood up and said, 'Father, only she knew how much I was going through. Thank you very much. '' and took her hands with my hands.

But Dad shook his head and said, ''I'm so sorry. I just apologized. ''

''Please do not apologize. She saved me '' Even though I said , her father bowed his head to the end and seemed unable to understand what I was saying.

She left the hospital saying she had to help me until he was taken her away.

After that, she saved me and I got back on my feet.

It was just sad that she had her disability and that even her father didn't recognize her amazing ability to see the deep soul inside of somebody else. Even now, if I have a connection with her, I want to meet her and thank her.

We interact with people every day. Not only family and friends, but also people who work at supermarkets, people who travel, restaurants, and people who happen to be next to us somewhere.

Sometimes there are encounters that seem inevitable.

I'm not very religious, but there have been many times when some force protecting me has reached out to me as if it had sent a savior. I can't explain it, but I could say if you believe in yourself strongly and work hard to get out of the swamp you are stuck in, you might naturally attract someone to help you.

人生は常に計画通りに進むとは限りません。 最善を尽くしたけれど、思ったような結果にならなかったり。 そして、嬉しい時もあれば、悲しい時もあれば、辛い時もある。 自分でコントロールできないことが起こったとき、困難な状況で常に予期せぬことを見つけることができれば、大きな困難を乗り越えることができます. 歩き回り、出口のない暗い洞窟から脱出します。 あなたが見つけたドアは、あなたを待っている新しいドアです。 しかし、それはあなたが一生懸命に見つけたものであり、あなたを新たな方向へと導く大切な扉です。




’’心配しないで。毎日自分なりに、ゆっくりと焦らずにやっていけば、川をゆっくりと船で進んで行けば、静かな岸に辿り着くよ。’’ と。







私が一番苦しく、1週間全く眠れない状態が続いた時、世の中の誰よりも私を救ってくれたのは、満員の病院の待合室で、椅子に座って順番を待っているときに、私の前に突然やってきて、あなたを助けないとと大きな声で足を引きずりながら近寄って来た、知的身体障害を持った私と同じくらいの女性でした。公共の場では誰一人、私の苦しい状況には気が付かなかったのに、彼女だけが私を見て、私の奥底の苦しみを理解してくれたのです。その時付き添っていた、彼女のお父様が、’’申し訳ありません。娘の無礼をお許しください’’と私に頭を下げて謝り、彼女を引っ張って連れていこうとしました。彼女は ’’ダメ、この人は助けがいるの。’’と声をあげてまた言ったのです。私は立ち上がって、’’お父様、彼女だけが私が今どんなに苦境に立たされているのかを分かってくれたんです。本当に有難う。’’と彼女の手を両手で握りました。









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