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Colorado Nature walking with beloved Joy 愛犬ジョイと散歩したコロラドの自然

Updated: May 8, 2023

Do you have a pet? I had a dog. She died 5 years ago.

Joy was like our kid because we have no kids.

Dogs don't live long, so she lived for 13 years, but she gave us irreplaceable love.

When I came to the United States, I was sometimes depressed because of differences in language and cultural customs, but at that time, the existence of pets really heals my heart.

Dumb Friends league, which is an animal shelter is right next to my house.

I asked a good friend for having dog, he said, '' don't buy, go to the shelter''

I was told that it would be good to adapt, so I went there one day with my husband. At that time, I didn't think about adapting, but went to the shelter with the feeling of going to the store. As soon as I got inside, some cats in cages greeted me. Cats that are not in cages are also politely sitting in the shop next to the entrance.

I went inside, wrote my name, and entered the dog shelter area and I felt at ease, but I realized that I was faced with reality. The eyes of the dogs waiting to be adapted are like every dog ​​saying something, some dogs have given up, and all dogs are waiting sincerely to be adapted.

When I saw Joy, she was in a cage with another dog, but she wagged her tail and came to greet us. She was still a 2 month old puppy. We looked around all over the shelter, and when we came back, the puppy was breathing deeply and sleeping, probably because she was tired. My husband and I liked her and made a face-to-face offer to meet her in the meeting room. I didn't tell my husband, but I thought in my heart that the puppy would lose a lot of hair because she was very hairy. The puppy came to greet to each of us, showed her stomach and made a friendly gesture. Both my husband and I fell in love with her and we decided to adapt.

Is it possible to just go to the shelter? I think it's normal to feel very sad when you go home without adapting.

Joy was shortly after coming from New Mexico, a person in charge said. It seems that it was thought that it was unlikely to be adapted because she was so hairy. If I told my husband that she was too hairy, he might have reconsidered. I thought a lot of people didn't choose because of her coat,

I thought that the adapt rate would probably be low ,so I decided to adapt because of the cuteness and a little sympathy for hairy Joy. DOG WISPER's Cesar Millan said that this is not the decision, but that it will come from them, Animal will choose you. I think that's right. The edge comes naturally, isn't it? I don't remember why I decided it, but I named it Joy.

I have countless memories of Joy. There are many parks in the neighborhood in Denver, and there are many hiking trails that can be reached within 30 minutes from home. Not only Joy, we can enjoy a walk while enjoying the transition of nature.

I also want to adapt if time comes. Is it a dog? Is it a cat? It will be decided by the encounter at that time. The song below was played with the image of the movement of clouds in the vast sky of Colorado when we took a walk with Joy.

Peaceful place .... you can listen on over 100 non-stop listening.

It's a song I made while remembering the slowly moving clouds that spread in the sky over a large park when I took a walk with Joy.





ジョイをアダプトしたDamb Friend leagueアニマルシェルターは我が家のすぐそばにあります。



Joyはニューメキシコから来て間もないと係の人が言っていました。毛が多いのでアダプトされる’可能性は低いと思われていたようです。もしもミーティングルームで主人に毛がたくさん抜けそうと言ったら、考え直してしまったかもしれません。たくさんの人が毛並みのせいで選ばなかったのじゃないかと思い、私は毛が抜けても多分アダプト率が低くなりそうだと気の毒にも思い、可愛さもあってアダプトしようと決めました。こちらが決めるのではなく、あちらからやってくるとDog WisperのCeser Millanが言っていましたが、その通りだと思います。縁は自然とやってくるって事ですよね。何故どんな理由で決めたのか覚えていませんが、Joyと名付けました。

Joy とは数知れない思い出があります。デンバーには近所にたくさんの公園があり、家から30分で行けるハイキングコースもたくさんあります。Joyだけでなく、私達も自然の移り変わりを楽しみながら、散歩が楽しめます。


平和な場所 Over 100 Non-stop listening のセクションでお聞きになれます。


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