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3拍子の魅力 Fascinated by triple beats ( triple time)

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Triple beats represented by the waltz. I am very comfortable improvising in triple beats. If I play triple beats any time, I don't think much and the performance comes to mind. Maybe it's from the dancing steps ? When I'm playing the triple beats, simply rhythm gives me a hint for the next sound rather than improvising any song. In the 1-2-3 progressing rhythm, it becomes clear for some reason where the next melody wants to go in my head naturally.

Eric Satie's Gymnopedie No.1 strongly influenced my desire to improvise. Don't you think listening to it makes you imagine a fantasy place you've never been to? Depending on the day I listen to it, there are times when I imagine a quiet room with white walls, and other times when I imagine a quiet unfamiliar town. Slow triple-beats melodies and unexpected melodies take you to unknown places, allowing you to take an imaginary journey in your own head while listening. In the same way, when I improvise a piece in triple beats, I can take a leisurely stroll through an old historic town, spend an elegant and relaxing time in a quiet unknown town, or drink wine and get tipsy. Makes you feel like you're in the mood.



 私が即興をしたい事に強く影響したEric Satie のGymnopedie No.1 。聴くと行った事のない空想の場所を想像させると思いませんか?聞く日によって、白い壁の静かな部屋の中を想像する時もあるし、見知らぬ静かな街を想像する時もある。ゆったりとした3拍子のメロディーと意外性のあるメロディーが、未知の場所へと導いて、聴いている間、自分だけの頭の中での架空の旅ができるような。それと同じように、自分でも3拍子の曲を即興で弾くと、歴史ある古い町をゆっくりと散策したり、静かな見知らむ街でのんびりと優雅な時間を過ごしたり、またワインを飲んでほろ酔い気分になったような気分になれます。

Playing and rocking your body, you feel like you are slowly walking in nature. , I feel like I can do it naturally in triple beats.

Also, while playing the 1-2-3 rhythm of the regular accompaniment, it may be easier to create harmony with the memories of the actual summer and the story you picture in your head.

We have been living surrounded by dance and music.

Even in my improvisation, the melody may guide me in the same way that the rhythm of the dance naturally guides me from step to step.

If you listen to my improvisations, you will notice many songs in triple beats.

Even now, after a few unexpected improvisations, I usually end the day by picking a triple time and finding a place where my heart feels at ease.

My favorites are End of Summer Waltz, End of October Waltz and Melody . Series of Dance music is also a song that was created thinking of a friend's family moving to France. Contemporary to romantic , Ease, Spring snow, Beautiful you.... so on There are many songs in 3 beats that I like.

You can listen on the homepage.







中でも好きなのは End of Summer Waltz End of October Waltz と Melody 。Series of Dance music もフランスへ引っ越していく友人家族を思って生まれた曲です。Contemporary to romantic , Ease, Spring snow, Beautiful you.... so on 自分でも気に入ってる曲が3拍子の中にたくさんあります。

Homepage でお聞きになれます。

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