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コンソールピアノのノスタルジックサウンド Nostalgic sound of console piano

My grand piano is in the living room. I hesitate to play the piano when my husband relaxes after dinner, even if he says it's okay. I'm sorry to see my husband who is watching TV with the volume of the TV muted, So I decided to get another piano. I got a console piano just for the piano shipping fee. The condition is bad and it doesn't sound decent without overhaul, but I just adjusted the tunes repeatedly and started playing. It sounds like a bar piano that I saw in a movie when I was a kid, and even if it doesn't sound closer to the ground, it produces a nostalgic and indescribable sound, so having a second piano for practice I'm satisfied. The improvised sound also gives off a unique tone that is completely different from the grand, giving it a finish similar to the sound coming from a choppy radio, giving it a different taste than the grand.


I couldn't celebrate the birthday of my dear friend who had a lot of hardships in real life at that time, so I improvised while thinking about my friend and sent it as a gift. この曲は実生活で色々と大変な思いをしていた大切な友人のバースデーを一緒にお祝いできないので、思いついて友人の事を思いながら即興し、ギフトとして送りました。

This is Admire. It was born from the feeling that I couldn't do what I wanted to do because of the restricted daily life.こちらは、行動が制限されたせいでしたいことが思うように出来ない気持ちから生まれた曲Admire 憧れです。

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