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What is your stress relief method? あなたのストレス解消法は?即興演奏は私に取って心の整頓 

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Improvisation is different from composition. Composing is thinking and choosing sounds to create a better composition and music. Anything is possible with improvisation. When I used to improvise a long time ago, it was messed up and it didn't turn out to be a song. I think it's probably because I wanted to make a song like someone else , or because I was thinking about playing it like sounds like that.

Continuing to improvise now, I feel that my improvisations are completely unplanned.

I also compose, but it takes a lot of time. I'm rather impatient, so to be honest, I like to improvise.

With improvisation, even I don't know what will pop out when I start playing. I go to the piano and make random sounds, but after a few minutes or more, there is no sound at all. Or, on the contrary, it can sound like a storm from the beginning, and when you hear it later, you can't hear it.

I still don't know if it's my mood that day, or if it's something that's accumulating in the depths of my heart that's affecting me. I really wonder myself if the nature sights affect it or if the snowy or rainy weather affects it. Yesterday, too, I was not feeling well at first, and at first all I heard was a terrible sound. I kind of gave up and started playing again, the melody started to come out.

I think, I came to think that if I wanted to play well, or to play like this, I would not be able to produce a sound from the heart.

I think it's the same in everyday life.

If you have a preconceived notion about people and things, you will close the door of your heart yourself.

If you feel uneasy, you will be puzzled before you act.

Improvisation may be greatly influenced by such distractions.

I was very anxious when I was young. There were times when I was thinking too much, brooding over things until I was tired, thinking in the wrong direction, and feeling sick to my stomach.

Also life is not just about yourself, but sometimes your heart hurts about your family and friends."

At times like that, I still think too much, but basically compared to when I was younger, I feel like I've accumulated skills to get rid of my worries.

There are days when I can't sleep because I'm constantly thinking about my family, even though it doesn't change anything. But after a few days like that, I found my own way to get rid of those feelings. Now I'm going to do this and act. I will do what I have to do while saying ‘’now’’. That way you can focus on what you are doing without thinking too much.

I think that improvisation also has such a part. While playing a note, I move my fingers to produce it without thinking about what will happen to the note at that time. There is no time to think about what to do, and the momentary sounds that emerge from the subconscious create the melody. Now, the sound of that moment becomes a song. It might be similar to minimalist cleanup, starting from small corners one by one, like cleaning up this plate now or putting this down here.

It's very difficult to compose a big song, but if you play the sound of the moment, you can play a 5-minute song and you'll be able to do it. When I listened to it later, I didn't understand it at all when I was playing, but sometimes it's pretty good.

Of course, it's a one-time improvisation, so there's always a mistake, and it's a drawback that it stays forever. But if you really like it, you can turn it into a score and play it later to make a better recording.

The reason why the sounds differ from day to day is because they are composed of sounds that come from within. It's a little self-satisfaction, but listening to my own performance can be soothing. I think it's probably because the feeling I had at that time came back again and I felt refreshed by making the sound from my heart at that time.

It's important to get rid of the haze in your heart. Whether it's meeting friends and chatting, traveling, or playing sports or hobby, it would be great if you could find a way to relieve stress that you can do on your own daily basis . In my case, it's improvisation.



















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