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  • Yuko hagos

Unknown charm of contemporary songs 現代曲の未知の魅力 

Updated: May 24, 2023

When I was practicing piano pieces for hours every day aiming for a piano career, I was satisfied with playing only pieces from the baroque, classical and romantic eras. Contemporary music I wasn't interested in it, and I couldn't enjoy it because it was complicated to play.

Now that I'm improvising, I'm fascinated by the unknown sounds produced by dissonances and unpredictable sounds. The unpredictable sound, the connection from the sound played casually to the next sound, creates new ideas, and the unconventional sound that leads the melody in a direction that I could not even think of, is like a new door that I never know. It gives me excitement to open. Compared to other improvisations, the next sound does not come out smoothly, but the movement of the finger at the random place creates a melody that I could not imagine. Modern works have the pleasure of exploring a new world.




The first of the two songs below expresses the light and sight reflected in the broken mirror fragments. The second song expresses the instability of the ground or floor when walking and not knowing what the next step will be.


Broken mirror reflection

Uneven surface

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