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Improvisations in the early time 初期の即興演奏 

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

There are various feelings about me when improvising. In the first place, I started recording my performance because I wanted to make a video of a lot of images when my family came to Denver and show them to my family. Since the video is long, I tried to improvise while remembering that time, trying to add a song.

The other is that due to the influence of pandemic, I can't meet my family and friends even who live nearby, so I spend more time on the piano, usually practicing songs made by composers, and to some extent the whole thing. Although it wasn't enough to achieve playing on stage, it was to achieve it so that I could play it as a wine companion at house dinner with my friends, but one day I tried to improvise myself and it was capricious. I recorded it. I was surprised by the melody that overflowed from me. Various events may have appeared as sounds through my own hands.

I would like to share a lot of whimsical improvisations.

The songs in the music section of this website are played on a digital piano because the quality of the sound is required, but these videos are recorded with my grand piano and console piano that I have. The sound quality is bad, but even if I listen to my feelings at that time, I feel that it is transmitted as it was that day.





It sounds from many of various composers pieces. Taste of Beethoven, Shubert, so on.... maybe a part of Mendelson Trio that I was practicing? I guess those sound came out of me. I improvised for 9min. in the second piece! I think my feeling erupted.


2曲目は9分の即興となりました。自分の気持ちが吹き出したのでしょう。 Piece of composers from my mind Lessons from Maestro

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