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Improvisation dedicated to a person ある人に捧げる即興演奏

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

She was a beautiful woman both outside and inside. She volunteered for a long time in an animal shelter as an ambassador adapting herself the old dogs and providing them with a warm place to live happily for the rest of their lives. I had met her for about 17 years and remembers the four old dogs she had adapted by then. Suddenly, she was killed by a careless driver who ignored traffic red light. The big accident was reported in the news, and I heard from people and learned about the accident. I never thought she was the victim at that time. In the morning of the day of the accident, she asked me some tips on how to take care of the flowers I planted. And we had a nice conversation. The two dogs she adapted also seemed to relax next to her and listen to our conversation. She would never have known that she would end her life in an accident that night. The place the accident happened was nearby we had a last conversation. When I heard the news of the accident from my husband that the victim was her, I was so shocked that I couldn't eat dinner and thought about her and played to the console piano.

彼女は外見も内面も美しい女性でした。動物シェルターでボランティア活動を長くし、自分自身、老犬をアダプトし、老犬が余生を幸せに暮らせるようにと彼らに温かい居場所を提供していました。彼女に会って17年くらいでしたが、それまでに彼女がアダプトした4頭の老犬を覚えています。そんな彼女が突然、心無い信号無視をしたドライバーによって命を奪われてしまいました。大きな事故はニュースでも報道され、私は人から聞き、その事故のニュースを知りましたが、その時はまさか犠牲者が彼女だったとは知りませんでした。事故が起こった日の朝、彼女は私に私が植えた花が美しいと、どうやって花たちの面倒を見るのか、コツを教えてくれる?と質問し、会話を交わしました。彼女がアダプトした2頭の犬も隣でリラックスして私たちの会話を聞いているようでした。まさかその夜に事故で人生を終えるとは、彼女自身全く知らなかったでしょう。事故が起こった場所は、私たちが最後に会話を交わしたすぐそばでした。後で事故のニュースを主人から聞き、あまりのショックで、夕食ものどを通らず、彼女の事を思いコンソールピアノに向かい演奏しました。 The destination where my heart goes

The great love she left behind taught the people around her the unforgettable power of love.



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