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  • Yuko hagos

速いテンポの即興でストレス解消Improvise at a fast tempo to relieve stress

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

Going to work without a break during the pandemic was very lucky, comparing with the people who lost jobs. However, I have to work with great anxiety about being in contact with the public and without rest due to labor shortage, and I get a lot of stress without knowing. When I complained about my situation, the person who died of corona virus around me, the people who lost important family members and friends, those were too sad to say goodbye without being able to meet at the end, a hospital official Given the great dedication to being isolated from my family and caring for their patients, I was reminded that my situation was nothing.

However, when I improvised, I was surprised to hear the thoughts and stress that had accumulated in me through my fingers without stopping.

These two videos are intended to be etudes (practice songs), and I wondered what kind of sound would be produced by the movement of my fingers, and as a result, it became a stormy performance.

I remember that the thoughts that had accumulated in my head that came out of my heart became as a messy sound through my fingers, and after playing with the feeling of spouting out what had accumulated, I felt so refreshed taking out my all negative feeling.




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