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The beauty of imagination 想像する事の素晴らしさ

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

I love impressionist paintings such as Monet and Renoir. No matter how many times

I intervenes in their pastel-colored, soft-touch works, I was always drawn to them. The sounds that come out of my mind are painted in various soft colors notes that are elusive, and when they mix together, they create an unexpected scene.

The more you play it, the more sounds will mix and create a new world of sounds.

There are no limits to the composition of sounds.

When I move to the next sound, I feel that I am improvising with the feeling that the sound naturally guides me, wanting to go here after this.

In a sense, there are times when I play with a mysterious feeling that the wavelength of the sound guides my own feelings. The same goes for natural scenery. It's always changing, isn't it? The joy of expressing the ever-changing colors of nature in the world of sound expands the world of imagination.






Do you like Amelie movie? I love. It's a lot of fun to imagine the main character acting in a movie scene that I imagined in my head when I wanted to play a song like that. Set in a wonderful town, there are many songs that I played while imagining the story of the main character and her lover.

The 1st and 2nd songs in Over 100 Non Stop listening are improvised performances imagining the world of imagination. Watching movies and also watching Travel Channel is a great way to improvise. It generates ideas.

Play your own background music in an imaginary place you walk into as if

you were there. There are many songs that I played as if I were playing the piano in a quiet park in the corner of a strange town. The longing scene in my head and my music are integrated, and the main character I imagined in my mind starts to move while playing. She walks around town and dances with my music. I think it would be really fun if I could create the imaginary world I imagined. When I was a child, even when I grow up.

The world of imagination is limitless.

Just like a novel, improvising while imagining things like imagining a stage and imagining the main character in your head walking around town or falling in love is a lot of fun.

Sometimes, I could walk in the wonderful town, as if I were very young and there is no end to the fun of walking gracefully in stylish clothes. Because you can enter your own world as much as you can imagine.

Amellieの映画好きですか?私は大好きです。そんな感じの曲を弾いてみたいと自分の頭の中で想像した映画のシーンで主人公が演技してる事を思い浮かべて演奏するのは、とても楽しいです。素敵な街を舞台に、主人公の女性と恋人のストーリーを想像しながら弾いた曲が幾つもあります。Over 100 Non Stop listening の中の1,2曲目は想像の世界を思い浮かべての即興演奏です。また映画を見たり、トラベルチャンネルを見ることは即興への大きな





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